30 Scherr-Tumico Model P-2500 Optical Comparator

30" Scherr-Tumico Model P-2500 Optical Comparator

Stock Number: ins277

Serial No. 191


Screen size30"
Table Size8" x 35"
Maximum Table Load500 lbs
Measuring Capacity Horizontal12"
Measuring Capacity Vertical9"
Approximate weight2000 lbs

Equipped With:
30" Projection Screen. Power Drive With Variable Speed Controls For Vertical And Horizontal Travel. Power Driven Protractor Ring With Optical Read-Out. Profile Illumination With Adjustable Telecentric Stop. 10 Helix Left And Right By Swing Lamp House With Scale. 20X Lens. Duplex Surface Illumination. Each Illuminator Can Be Adjusted In And Out, Left And Right Independently. Swing Away Canopy With Curtains. General Purpose Chart. Micro-Vu Q16 2 Axis Programmable DRO.

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30 Scherr-Tumico Model P-2500 Optical Comparator

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