Mitsubishi FX10K 5-Axis CNC Wire EDM

Mitsubishi FX10K 5-Axis CNC Wire EDM

Stock Number: edm5810x

Serial No. 00K10753      Age: 2000

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Max. Workpiece Size31.50" x 22.63" x 8.46"
Travels (X, Y, Z)13.77" x 9.84" x 8.66"
UV Travels1.25" / 1.25"
Max. Workpiece Height8.66"
Max. Workpiece Weight1,102 lbs.
Wire Diameter.004" - .012"
Wire Speed15/min 590 IPM
Taper Cut17 deg. @ 3.93" Work height
Power Supply50 Amps
Dielectric Tank Capacity105 gallons
Approximate Machine Weight4500 lbs

Equipped With:
Mitsubishi CNC control. Automatic Threading. Tank for submerged cutting. Filtration system. Chiller. Manuals and drawings.

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Mitsubishi FX10K 5-Axis CNC Wire EDM

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