No. 36-6 Fellows Gear Shaper

No. 36-6" Fellows Gear Shaper

Stock Number: gh1019x

Serial No. 28313

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Maximum Pitch Diameter, External and Internal36"
Maximum Diametral Pitch: Spur3
Maximum Diametral Pitch: Helical4/5
Maximum Face Width, External and Internal6"
Stroke Length6"
Maximum Helix Angle with Standard Guides45
Maximum Outside Diameter of Fixture40"
Main Motor7.5 HP
Number & Range of Feeds (12) (with suitable gears).006 to .0068
Number & Range of Speeds (12)18 to 300 SPM
Work Spindle Bore Diameter5.875"
Approximate Weight14,500 lbs

Equipped With:
Change Gears. Indexing and Relieving Mechanism. Rotating Feed Mechanism. 34" T-Slotted Face Plate. Spur Guide. Coolant. Automatic Lubrication. Work Light. Chip Drawer. Spindle Drilled and Tapped for Bolt On Tools.

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No. 36-6 Fellows Gear Shaper

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