Gleason Model 119 Hypoid Gear Lapper

Gleason Model 119 Hypoid Gear Lapper

Stock Number: gh119x

Serial No. 600518

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Max. Gear Diameter430 mm
Max. Pinion Diameter30-350 mm
Center of gear spindle to nose of pinion spindle125 - 260 mm
Bore of work spindle taper98 mm
Axial cross angle90
Axial shifting, vertical0 - 1 mm
Axial shifting, horizontal0 - 1 mm
Swinging motion, infinitely variable0 - 4 mm
Speeds of pinion spindle600-1200 RPM
Spindle drive2.5 kW
Total electrical load5 kW-380V-50 Hz
Nose of gear spindle160-275mm

Equipped With:
Hydraulic Clamping. Automatic Backlash. Eliminator.

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Gleason Model 119 Hypoid Gear Lapper

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