16-56 Barber Colman Horizontal Gear Hobber

16-56 Barber-Colman Horizontal Gear Hobber

Stock Number: gh1656ax

Serial No. 4288      Age: 1970


Maximum Rated Diametral Pitch (Nominal)6 DP (4.2 Module)
Maximum Rated Diameter Of Work16" (400mm)
Maximum Hob Diameter5" (127mm)
Maximum Hob-Slide Travel56" (1422.4mm)
Maximum Work Slide Travel8" (203.2mm)
Max. Work Spindle Centerline To Hob Spindle Centerline8.75" (222mm)
Min. Work Spindle Centerline To Hob Spindle Centerline.75" (19.05mm)
Work Spindle Face To Standard Tailstock-Center84" (2134mm)
Addtl Center-Distance Provided By Over-Arm Rear Support Extension61" (1549mm)
Total Length Of Shaft-Type Work-Piece Accommodated145" (3683mm)
Provided It Can Be Fed Through Work-Spindle Bore 
Work Spindle Thru-Bore Diameter4.13" (105mm)
Hob Speed Range59 To 246 RPM
Feed Ranges.015 To .150 IPR
Main Drive Motor5 HP / 1800 RPM
Rapid Traverse2 HP
Coolant Pump1/4 HP
Lubrication Pump1/20 HP
Floor Space Required172" x 62" (4369x1575mm)
Machine Overall Height76" (1930mm)
Machine Net Weight (Approx.)9,500 Lbs. (4,318 Kgs)

Equipped With:
Cutting Of Spur/Helical Gears, Pinions, Splines, And Other Workpieces Of Similar Profile Up To 16" (400mm) Pitch Diameter, And 56" (1422mm) Face Width, With Extended Rear Over-Arm For Support Of Longer Shafts Which Might Be Fixtured And Inserted Behind And Through The Work-Spindle Bore. Standard Hobslide W/Swivel Hob-Head (+/- 45 Degrees Swivel). Anti-Friction Bearing Hob-Head. Standard Overam-Support W/Adjustable Lever-Type Tailstock W/Center. Extended Over-Arm Support (Behind Work Spindle). With Secondary Adjustable Tailstock & Center. One (1) Hob Arbor (1.25" Diameter). Assortment Of Change Gears. Double Thread Index Worm. Manual Chucking Work-Head. Work-Head With Anti-Friction Bearings. Power Rapid Traverse For Hob Carriage. Complete Coolant System, Pump Tank & Piping. Full Complement Of Electrics (Motors/Controls). Assorted Guards/Covers.

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16-56 Barber Colman Horizontal Gear Hobber

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