Gleason No. 641 G-Plete Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Generating Machine

Gleason No. 641 "G-Plete" Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Generating Machine

Stock Number: gh641x

Serial No. 763305      Age: 1980

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Extreme ratio10:1
Root angle range-8 to 90
Gear diameter - maximum16.000" (406.40mm)
Gear pitch diameter with 35" gear spiral angle and 
max. cutter cutter diameter (using 12" cutters) 
1 x 113.500" (342.90mm)
2 x 116.000" (406.40mm)
5 x 116.000" (406.40mm)
Maximum radial setting6.983" (177.40mm)
Diametral pitch - coarsest2.0 DP (12.70 MOD)
Full depth - maximum1.000" (25.40mm)
Face width - maximum2.600" (66.00mm)
Index range5 - 10 inclusive
Work-spindle diameter of taper hole at large end3-29/32" (99.22mm)
Taper per foot39/64" (15.48mm)
Depth of taper6" (152.40mm)
Diameter of hole through spindle3.0625" (77.79mm)
Cutter diameter(s) utilized2.75", 3.75", 4.5", 6", 7.5"
  9", 10.5", 12"
Cutter speeds15-250 RPM
Cycle time, minimum (infinitely variable)4.5 seconds/tooth
Offset above centre - max2.25" (57.15mm)
Offset below centre - max.2.25" (57.15mm)
Machine centre to nose of spindle - max14.50" (368.30mm)
Electrical Equipement60 Hz (50 Hz)
Cutter drive motor (10/5 HP)1800/900 rpm (1500/750 rpm)
Hydraulic motor (3 HP)1200 RPM
Hydraulic motor (5 HP)(1500 RPM)
Coolant motor (1.5 HP)900 RPM
Coolant motor (2 HP)(1000 RPM)
D.C. generating drive motor (6 HP)1200 rpm (1200 rpm)
Floor space (inclusive of hydraulic unit, 
electrical panel & chip removal system)131" x 85" (333 x 216cm)
Height83" (211cm)
Net weight27,100 lbs (12,292 kG)

Equipped With:
Suitable for the "completing" of spiral bevel, hypoid, and Zerol bevel gears and pinions up to 16" (406.4mm) diameter, 2.6" (66mm) face-width, with 2 DP (module 12.7) cutting capability. Hydraulic chucking attachment less/draw-rod & nut. Arrangement for Formate, including controls for completing, roughing & finishing. Plunge feed mechanism. Variable rate-of-roll arrangement. Helical motion feature. Double-roll arrangement. Ratio control mechanism. (1) single set-up of change gears. Coolant system, pump tank & piping. Automatic chip separator, including automatic chip wiper system and auger-type chip conveyor. Operator's manuals, parts list, wiring & hydraulic diagrams.

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Gleason No. 641 G-Plete Hypoid Spiral Bevel Gear Generating Machine

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