Gleason No. 7 Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Generator

Gleason No. 7 Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Generator

Stock Number: gh992

Serial No. 12428

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Longest cone distance (30 spiral angle, 7-1/2" cutter and 1-1/4" face4-1/4"
Largest pitch angle, shafts at 9084 18'
Smallest pitch angle, shafts at 905 42'
Negative root angle10
Extreme ratio, shafts at 9010 to 1
Largest pitch diameter: 10 to 1 ratio gear8-1/2"
Largest pitch diameter: 2 to 1 ratio gear7-1/2"
Largest pitch diameter: 1 to 1 ratio gear6"
Largest pitch (Gleason system)4 DP
Maximum full depth.500"
Longest face1-1/4"
Index Range (number of teeth)5-200
Diameter of taper hole, large end2.292"
Taper per foot1/2"
Depth of taper9"
Diameter of hole through spindle1-13/16"
Spindle nose to center line1-1/2" to 9"
Offset above or below center2"
Speeds80 to 200 FPM
Feeds (per tooth)3 to 40 sec.
Motors3 HP
60 cycle1200 RPM
50 cycle1000 RPM
25 cycle1000 RPM
42 cycle1200 RPM
Floor Space45" x 73"
Net Weight6,600 lbs
Gross weight, domestic shipment7,700 lbs
Foreign shipment, 1 box 53"x79"x68"7,800 lbs

Equipped With:
Large Quantity of Change Gears. Spare Cams. Miscellaneous Tooling. Stock Divider. Draw Bar. Push Button Start/Stop. Machine when furnished standard will accommodate 3-1/2", 6", 7-1/2" diameter cutters. If necessary it can be arranged to accommodate 1-1/2", 2", 3-1/2" and 6" diameter cutters.

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Gleason No. 7 Spiral Bevel and Hypoid Gear Generator

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