8 x 20 Okamoto 820DXCNC CNC Form Grinding Machine

8" x 20" Okamoto 820DXCNC CNC Form Grinding Machine

Stock Number: g1358

Serial No. 52601      Age: 1995


Table Working Surface8" x 21.6"
Maximum Table Movement25.6"
Maximum Distance between Wheel & Table15.7"
Chuck Size8" x 20" x 3.2"
Table Load Capacity, including Chuck440 lbs
Grinding Wheel Size8.0"x1.0"x1.250"
Wheel Speed: Variable High & Low control0~3600 RPM
Grinding Wheel Spindle2 HP
Longitudinal Feed Rate3-82 FPM
Cross Feed, Manual Pulse0.00001" / 0.00010" / 0.001"
Cross Feed, Jog Feed0-40 IPM
Automatic Intermittent0.02" - 0.4"
Automatic Grinding Feed0.010 - 40 FPM
Wheelhead Vertical Feed: Automatic0.010 - 40 IPM
Wheelhead Vertical Feed: Sparkout Passes0 - 5
Wheelhead Vertical Feed: Manual .1X, 1X, 10X0.001" per handwheel rev (X.1)
Feed per Handwheel Graduation0.00001" (X.1)
 0.0001" (X.1)
 0.001" (X.1)
Rapid Vertical Feed40 IPM

Equipped With:
FANUC OM Control. Easy to Use Conversational or G-code. Grinding Modes - Incremental Plunge, Continuous Plunge, Traverse, Step Feed, and Form Patterns. Rough, Medium, Fine Grinding Cycles. Barnes MPE-25 Coolant Filtration System. 8" x 20" Fine Line Permanent Magnetic Chuck. Full Enclosure. Table Mounted Dresser.

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8 x 20 Okamoto 820DXCNC CNC Form Grinding Machine

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